Welcome to my site!

I'm so happy that it's finally launched and I can share my photos, thoughts and experiences with you. To give you some background on myself, I was born and raised in South Florida but moved out to California to pursue a modeling career. It hasn't been easy but I enjoy the traveling and meeting new and interesting people. I'm still a newbie at this so be gentle with me. I've had a few assignments that help to pay the bills but I really enjoy writing and would love to become a screenwriter too.

All my life, I've been told that I have a pretty face and cute smile but I never really believed it until I was working in an ice cream parlor and I caught a guy drawing a picture of me. I asked him why and he said because my facial features were lovely and I had a nice profile. Needless to say I was extremely shocked and from that day on, my confidence was raised.

I'm somewhat of a party girl but I like staying home too. I love listening to Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift and Green Day. I love to swim, rock climb, watch movies and read. With my busy schedule, I really don't have much time to party or hang out but I like it when I can. These days I'm so busy, all I have time to do is run around for appointments and after that I'm too tired to party. So lately you can pretty much catch me in front of my computer either downloading a movie or chatting with my friends online. I love the internet which is why I wanted to start a site about myself with pictures on it.

I hope that you enjoy my site and please feel free to sit back, relax and stay a while. I'm not in any rush and love the company. :) These photos are extremely sentimental to me because they are a true reflection of who I am which is just a simple girl who wants to be comforted and loved just like everybody else. Please feel free to bookmark my site and come back as often as you'd like. I look forward to us being long time friends.

My Photos

The Blue Bikini photos are of me when I was vacationing with my sister and her husband in Michigan. We stopped on the peer and after taking one photo, my sister just kept snapping away saying how pretty I looked. I love my sister, she is like my best friend. As a matter of fact, she bought that blue bikini for me from http://www.teenyb.com, the fit was amazing! These turned out to be really nice photos. :)

The Pink Bikini photos are of me at the beach. I love the beach. That day I grabbed my best friend Gail and drove as fast as we could to the beach so we could catch the sun going down while we were taking these photos. The wind was blowing and I couldn't stop laughing because we were having so much fun. These are my favorite photos and hope you like them. :)

Welcome to my new blog

Hey everyone welcome to my new blog. I'm very excited about sharing my thoughts and experiences with you. I want you to get to know me personally. Let me first start off by answering a few questions that keep coming up from people who've seen my site.

Do you have a boyfriend?
No, I don't have a boyfriend. I did but we broke up three months ago because I was just travelling too much. We're still friends and sometimes he babysits my puppy Muffin for me when I have to travel.